Elite Sports Academy and Fitness in Savannah, Tennessee

We provide the community an opportunity to improve their health, performance and lifestyle with instructional courses and plans utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment and athletic experience inside our fitness center and sports academy.

24/7 Accessibility

Our Features

Our Fitness Area offers many benefits and features. Currently we offer 10 treadmills, 10 ellipticals, 5 bikes all featuring their own entertainment system. These systems allow you to watch TV, and/or listen to your own music while getting fit on our state of the art cardio equipment. This area also offers a diverse lineup of weightlifting equipment and machinery ranging from free weights, machine weights, squat racks, smith machines and a great area for your core workout.
Our Elite Membership Package provides access to our Life Fitness Synrgy360X. This area is used for circuit training that is perfect for individual and group training with or without a trainer. Synrgy gives you limitless training options that includes a boxing bag, cable stations, rebounder space and more.
Our Elite Membership Package provides access to our indoor sports training facility that features our cross training area. This area includes: Rogue multi-functional racks, rowing machines, plyo boxes, sleds, ropes, kettle bells, and more.
Our Elite Membership Package is perfect for anyone interested in tanning and fitness at a low cost. Our tanning beds have 28 body lamps with facial tanners for added bronzing. The superflow internal cooling system gives you a relaxing tan without the excessive heat. Stay Fit and Bronzed for a low cost.
Our Locker Rooms and showers enable our clients to workout before work, during lunch, or in the evenings. Our facility is dedicated for men and women to squeeze in a quick 20 minute workout and a 5 minute shower. Maximize your time at Elite and with your family.
Our training and coaching sessions are attractive for those wanting a custom or assisted routine whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. These routines can be perfect for life style improvement, change or anyone needing a little extra encouragement. Use our trainers or coaches to personalize your workouts, give you nutritional guidance, hold you accountable or motivate you to achieve the next level.
We offer seasonal training programs for young athletes who need professional and experienced instruction to carefully and diligently get you into top performance shape. Training throughout the year can help you maximize results, performance, and experience that lead you to succeed in your upcoming season. Our instructors utilize the most advanced techniques and exercises in a fun, friendly and positive atmosphere. Elite’s trainers are experienced with all age groups aspiring to “DREAM BIG.”

YOU belong at Elite.

Stress Relief

It is widely understood that exercise is beneficial physically, but those who do not exercise fail to recognize the benefits for mental health. Physical exercise reduces fatigue, improves alertness, concentration and enhances cognitive function overall. When your body feels better so does your mind.

You Need Energy

While individuals who do not have a steady workout regimen believe they are too tired to work out, those who exercise regularly understand just how much more energy they obtain by doing so.

It’s Not Difficult

In our experience, it’s harder for individuals to make a decision to apply some lifestyle changes than for them to step onto a treadmill and walk a mile. It’s not the going that gets tough; it’s just tough for you to decide to get going.  That is why Elite is accessible for all your fitness needs 24/7.

Exercising is Fun

At Elite, exercising is fun. While burning calories on the treadmill, watch some TV on our personal monitors or even bring your device and pop in your earbuds. Some of our clientele listen to their favorite music while others may enjoy an audiobook from one of their favorite authors or motivational speakers.

You Have Time

The reality is that we are all busy. Our clientele consists of working moms, men and women who work inconsistent hours or second and third shifts, families that require more than a “table for three” and, of course, young adults who are balancing new lifestyles with aggressive schedules. That is why Elite is accessible 24/7.

Our Culture

At Elite, we strive to maintain an atmosphere that is both family friendly and cutting edge. When we say family friendly, Elite wants your entire family to feel welcome, accepted and comfortable in our environment. Our large facility allows us to utilize our space to accommodate a wide variety of clientele in a stress free environment; a safe place for the entire family to get their daily exercise; a go-to source for upcoming athletes; and a great facility for those needing to make a lifestyle change or wanting to continue their current healthy lifestyle. Our flexible Membership Plans offer something for everyone.

Meet Chad

Owner  and Instructor

As a Savannah, Tennessee native and graduate of Hardin County High School, a great portion of Chad has often defeated the status-quo life, always setting high expectations and in most cases exceeding them with achievements. Chad’s All-Conference selection in C-USA in college at the University of Memphis gave him the spotlight necessary to become a second-round draft pick by the Oakland Athletics in 1997. After appearing in Major League Baseball for nearly a decade for four different organizations, Chad’s next chapter was about settling down in his roots of Hardin County, spending more time with his wife and children. His latest venture, Elite Sports Academy and Fitness, has enabled Chad to work with the youth in the community to give back through his experiences. Meanwhile, Chad serves the community with the largest indoor fitness facility available in Savannah. Chad’s experience and success with some of the nation’s most brilliant trainers, talented athletes, and time with professional organizations has given Chad the foundation to provide an elite training and fitness facility that is beyond the status quo in a small town like Savannah.

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